Send mail to people who just visited your website.

Target anonymous website traffic with direct mail.

What's InstaPost, you ask?

What is InstaPost

Budget Friendly

You set a monthly budget, so no matter how much traffic you get to your website you'll never overspend.

Get a free postcard design by pre-loading your subscription with $1,000. A minimum pre-payment of $500 required to open an InstaPost account.

Each postcard is only $5 and you’ll get a list of all addresses captured at the end of every month.

Now, how does it work?

We will put two lines of code on your website. When a visitor hits your site they will be asked to share their location. If they say yes, we work our magic.

Once we identify the address in our database we filter out business or multi-family addresses. This improves accuracy to maximize the impact of your marketing spend.

Set up is free and the solution is turn-key. We will help you install the code, design a postcard, capture addresses (obviously), and send the postcard.

You'll get an automated direct mail drip campaign with the power of digital retargeting.

We never mail the same address twice. You can also provide a list of blocked addresses to avoid sending mail to existing customers or employees that visit your website.

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