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If they won’t answer their phones, they’ll answer ours.

Real phones, real conversations.

Next level marketing

Put your elevator pitch or other video content directly into the hands of prospects and customers.

Stop inundating high-value targets with email or unsolicited LinkedIn requests.

Deliver an authentic message with surprising results that exceed expectations.

Get your foot in the door with a phone in the hand.

How it’s done.

Mail customized smartphones to your ideal targets. The phone includes a video, digital collateral, and most importantly, the opportunity to call or text a recipient in real time. However, your recipient might beat you to the punch and immediately call or text you.

Get real-time delivery notifications when a phone arrives. Get alerts via Slack or SMS when targets watch preloaded videos. Call or text the phone you mailed to boost engagement rates and set more meetings.

Leverage phones to engage and activate customers and prospects in ways you’ve never imagined. Rise above the noise with Burner Rocket by VLG.

Your brand tells a story.

Burner Rocket delivers your sales pitch on a phone that leverages our proprietary software. VLG Marketing has been in the brand story business since 2005, offering a variety of ABM solutions to fit any budget. Allow us to fuel your marketing and sales efforts. Your business will take off like a, well you know, like a rocket.

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Okay, how much?

We use a 6-month subscription model that includes carrier line activation fees. Other costs include design, provisioning, project management, and shipping fees. Optional services might include a custom or personalized video, and custom digital or print collateral. Customers typically pay between $210 and $310 per send. Get details. Fill out the form above to schedule a meeting.