Capture the address of people who just visited your website.

Target anonymous website traffic with direct mail.

What's InstaPost, you ask?

What is InstaPost

Budget Friendly

Collect as many addresses as you want for only $2 per household.

You set a monthly budget, so no matter how much traffic you get to your website you’ll never overspend.

Engage faster. For an additional $99 a month we’ll send you captured addresses via email in real-time.

You’ve built a list. Now what? Get a free postcard design when you run your next direct mail campaign with VLG.

Now, how does it work?

We will put three lines of code on your website. It’s just like adding Google Analytics to the site—easy! When a visitor hits your site they will be asked to share their location. If they say yes, we work our magic.

We can email each address to you when it’s captured, or build a list you can use to target these engaged consumers when you’re ready.

Set up is free and the solution is turn-key. We will help you install the code, as needed, and even run your next direct mail campaign for you.

Unleash the power of digital retargeting with direct mail campaigns delivered to your best prospects.

We never capture the same address twice. You can also provide a suppression list to avoid capturing addresses for known customers and employees.

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